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NJ Heating specialise in factory heating, warehouse heating and all types of service and installations for warm air heating systems. When it comes to factory heating installation, our satisfied clients know where to go for expert professional servicing provided by experienced industrial heating engineers, backed by an excellent guarantee.

Warm Air Heating Systems

In the UK, one of the most popular types of industrial heating, consists of warm air heating units.

Warm air heating systems can be used for factories, warehouses or other industrial buildings and use either oil or gas for their source of power. They are an excellent solution when it comes to heating a large open space and are the most cost-effective means of doing so.

The high level of efficiency can be attributed to the way that the actual heating designs are well suited to most industrial building configurations. Warm air heater types are found in the following heater designs:

Suspended Unit Heaters

These warm air heaters can be positioned on an inside flat roof or suspended from the factory roof. NJ Heating can provide your business or organisation the following suspended unit heater advantages:

– ECA qualifying controls
– Centrifugal fan – for ducted applications
– Roof penetration eliminated by horizontal flue
– Maximize production floor space
– Highest quality heaters provided by Reznor, Benson Heating and Powrmatic

Floor Standing Cabinets

These will be positioned on the floor and possess larger outputs than equivalent suspended unit heaters. This is a most quick and efficient way of heating an industrial area. NJ Heating can provide the following floor standing cabinet heating benefits:

– Ducted or free blowing applications
– ECA qualifying controls
– Availability in weatherproof versions
– Horizontal stainless flues option
– Highest quality heaters provided by Reznor, Benson Heating and Powrmatic

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems provide exceptional levels of comfort for personnel in manufacturing premises. Radiant tube heating systems are one of the most economical and effective heating solutions in manufacturing environments, providing a powerful heat source for applications from factories to warehouses, wherever large-scale space heating is required.

Fueled by natural gas or LPG, radiant heaters maintain constant internal comfort temperatures while saving on heating energy costs, especially in installations where radiant heating replaces an old high temperature hot water and boiler system. Even in new buildings, high energy efficient radiant heating can offer huge savings over other types of heating system.

In situations where doors are predominantly open and high air change rates are present, radiant heat can significantly improve energy consumption rates and help create a warm atmosphere almost immediately.

Radiant heaters may be roof or wall-mounted, freeing up valuable floor space. The heaters are also directional, ensuring that heat is emitted to exactly the points at which they are needed. This means no fuel is wasted heating of areas of the building that do not need heating, and ‘cold spots’ caused by incorrect siting of heaters do not occur.

With a proven track record in energy saving and effectiveness in maintaining comfort temperatures, radiant heating is the ideal solution in manufacturing environments.

Industrial Heating Service and Maintenance

At NJ Heating, we have many satisfied clients who have stayed with us for many years, we believe that your experience should not end when our installation is completed and offer servicing and maintenance schedules for all gas and oil services.

We aim to provide an aftercare service for any maintenance and heating work that may be required in the future to ensure your installation will work safely and efficiently for the lifespan of the products installed.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business heating system installation, maintenance, and service options.

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